Each Saddle Fit Evaluation begins with a thorough analysis of your horses back shape, conformation and function. This includes chalk drawings on your horse to see exactly his unique shape; that guides where and how the saddle is fit to allow your horse the greatest comfort and freedom. Along with a host of measuring tools, we also use a 3-D Arc Device to record the shape of your horses back; this allows us to track the changes of your horses back thru time.


We then look at the current saddle you are using, evaluating how your horses back and your saddle interact. Recommendations or adjustments are made; each change is re-evaluated to make sure that the improvements are the best possible.



If you’re interested in trying a Peter Horobin StrideFree Saddle, we custom fit the saddle to your horse, ensuring the best possible experience for both of you! There is NO CHARGE for a demo ride! We are so convinced that you’ll love the difference you’ll feel with the Peter Horobin StrideFree tree, we want everyone to experience it for themselves!


We have chosen to only work on saddles that have adjustable trees and are field flock-able. This allows us to make changes with the horse and rider together. That means we can make as many adjustments as needed, right there in the barn aisle, to make sure that we have the best fit possible. No more mailing the saddle away to have it flocked and hope it fits when you get it back!

Horse and Saddle Fit Evaluation: $149
Demo rides: No Charge
Adjustments: Tree adjustment: $120; Flocking $50-$130 (depends on amount of flocking)

If purchasing a Peter Horobin Saddle, the Horse and Saddle Fit Eval fee is waived. Also, the initial adjustment and customization of your new Peter Horobin saddle is included in the purchase price.