The first truly biomechanically correct tree design that allows for the ultimate in scapula and spine freedom. The StrideFree tree is a revolutionary reshaping of the interface between you and the horse.

StrideFree Saddle

StrideFree Saddle

Regular Saddle

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Designed to be anatomically correct, the belled tree shape and shortened, swooped back tree point allows for total freedom of the scapula and spine.

Scientifically proven to allow an increased stride length. Top riders around the world agree that the StrideFree tree has improved horses performance and comfort.


The unique composite material and design of the tree and gullet plate means the StrideFree tree is continuously, repeatedly adjustable.

This means that as your horse changes shape in its lifetime (or you change your horse!) the PH saddle can be adjusted to a customized, personalized fit.

The PH tree comes with a lifetime warranty — no matter how many horses it sits on, it is guaranteed to have a perfect fit for life.


The pride of a hand-built work of art goes into every PH saddle. The saddles are flocked with 100% wool from sustainable farms throughout Europe and Australia.

Horobin Saddlery uses the highest ‘A’ grade leather sourced from some of the oldest tanneries in Europe who use eco-friendly tanning methods.

Unique and personalized additional details as ostrich leather, diamond stitching, custom piping colors and bejeweled nail heads set your Peter Horobin saddle in a class of its own.

Loved by Riders Everywhere


“Hannah is a problem solver…”

“…if one way doesn’t work, she works till she finds a solution. Having Hannah be so knowledgeable about saddles has been a real blessing for my horses!”


“I have a whole new level of understanding…”

“The saddle fitting session was so enlightening and I have a whole new level of understanding about how the horse moves and how a saddle supports or hinders that movement. Hannah helped me understand the biomechanics of the horse's movement, more than I’ve ever had explained before. She is a pleasure to work with! “


“…a solution that works for both my horse and I!”

"“I have an extremely challenging horse to fit saddles to; Hannah was able to find a solution that works for both my horse and I! For the first time, I can say with confidence that my horse is pain free, and I am sitting like a queen. I highly recommend Hannah; she’s incredibly knowledgeable and her love of helping horses is obvious in everything she does!“


“…you really want to help the horses and their owners.”

“This was the first saddle fitting session I’ve had (and I’ve had a lot of them!) that I actually understood what was going on. Thank you for taking the time to teach us; it’s not just about the saddles with you, you really want to help the horses and their owners.”


“I knew within the first 5 steps of trot that these saddles were what my horses had been waiting for. Thank you!”